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Cruyff Classics

World Cup Collection for Spring/Summer 2014


Shoes – La Revolucion del Futbol Total


At the 1974 World Cup Johan Cruyff set the world on fire with his signature tactical style ‘Total Football’. This style went hand in hand with a revolutionary visual identity. With their long hair and streetwise looks the Dutch team created both lasting memories and a blueprint for an entire generation.

This revolution inspired Cruyff Classics to release a capsule shoe and clothing collection. They created a shoe for each World Cup Champion between 1974 and 2014, celebrating their World Cup legacy.


Clothing – Worn by Cruyff


In 1974 Cruyff introduced his personalised twin taped Dutch national team shirt. A unique individual marketing tool that certainly served the group. Cruyff’s shirt turned into an instant fashion item and went on to become one of the best selling football shirts of all time.

This shirt inspired Cruyff Classics to make the capsule collection ‘Worn by Cruyff’.