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moniquevanheist concentrates on classic unisex wardrobe pieces, translating her sociological fashion observations into highly wearable and contemporary designs. Her garments are perfectly cut, luxuriously executed and full of smart details and clear references.


hellofashion was launched in spring 2009, as moniquevanheist’s personal statement on her own fashion company. Hellofashion is a continuous collection of ‘moniquevanheist-classics’ by which she sets out to challenge the fashion system. This permanent and over time growing collection of garments, accessories and lifestyle products like furniture and recipes is available for unlimited time.
hellofashion cuts across the fashion system’s usual cycle by adding new products at any given time. Every six months moniquevanheist reviews the collections classic shapes in seasonal colors and materials.
hellofashion comes with a loose-leaf catalogue. Every product is presented in eclectic portraits of real people and in a more abstract still life, focusing on the unique qualities of the garment.


Monique van Heist (Haarsteeg, 1972) started her label moniquevanheist in 2004, after graduating from the AKI academy of fine arts and receiving her master degree from the Fashion Institute Arnhem. With her label she investigates the grey areas of our dress culture while applying a good dose of humor.


Monique van Heist was awarded with the Dutch Fashion Award in 2008 and the Marie-Claire prix de la mode in 2012.


Shown in the pictures: hellotuesday, a weekly portrait of a passer-by dressed in moniquevanheist. New garments and archive pieces of the hellofashion collection are remixed into different styles and silhouettes. Concept, casting and styling: Ellie Uyttenbroek, photography: Menno Bouma.