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Schueller de Waal

After several years of commercial experience in the international industry, fashion designers Philipp Schueller (graduated from the Royal College of Art, London) and Rens de Waal (graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Maastricht) decided to join forces and explore new grounds. The urge to pair their commercial knowledge with their own creative vision led them to launch their own line Schueller de Waal.


In timeswhere most designers focus on a sober aesthetic and multifunctional product capable of being worn for any occasion, they are missing a touch of oppulence and humour. The Schueller de Waal collections orginate from an ecclectic pool of inspirations, intricately combining bold, clashing, romantic, surrealist and sci-fi elements. A mix of contrasting textures and colors is built into surprising shapes, combined with playfull ideas on print, embellishment and finishings. A fresh view on occasion wear.