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Sogoodtowear is a fashion brand from the Netherlands that specializes in knitwear crafted from fair-trade cashmere.


For Sogoodtowear, slow fashion means that clothes are both made and worn with love. Slow fashion is a lifelong investment. Once you’ve found your favorite shirt, you can still buy it a few years later. Sogoodtowear believes in a process of growing slowly – by starting with a compact collection, exclusive to a few select stores. The collection is distributed throughout some of the best fashion stores in Europe.. All of the garments from the Sogoodtowear collection are 100% cashmere, spun from the finest quality and knitted in a fair trade factory in Nepal. Some of the styles are gender-neutral and can be worn by anyone who appreciates the luxury of cashmere with a good karma. SoGoodToWear works with animal friendly cashmere. They have started their own goat herds in the higher regions of Nepal, using innovative and ethical ways to breed and herd goats, with respect for the environment.